Rotary Wine & Blues Festival Campbell River June 10th!

If you like discovering a good wine you are almost guaranteed to find just the wine that matches your palate at the 8th annual Day Break Rotary Wine and Blues Fest by the Sea!

This seriously anticipated event happens at the Campbell River Maritime Heritage Centre, the evening of Saturday, June 10th 2017 from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM.

“We will have wine from regions all over the world as well as some of BC’s best craft beers for tasting,” said Theresa Marson, one of the coordinators of the event. “The wine tasting is complemented by a special selection of cheeses, cold cuts, breads, fruit dishes, spreads etc…”

As difficult as it may seem, don’t spritz up with perfume, cologne or aftershave before heading out for an evening of nibbling and sipping.  Even the subtlest of scents can confuse your sensitive nose and baffle your taste buds… not to mention the evil glares you’ll get from fellow wine enthusiasts standing next to you.

Start with a refreshing and palate cleansing sip of ever so slightly effervescent Vinho Verde – ‘green’ wine. This Portuguese white wine originated in the historic Minho province in the far north of the country and is ideal with white fish and perfect with oysters.

The Loureio, Arinto, Azal and Trajadura grape varietals used in making Lago Cerqueira Vinho Verde (273318) $13.79 has lightly floral nuances, bright flavours of dried pineapple and subtle tropical characteristics as well as almond notes and vivid acidity with a touch of chalky minerality.

There will be music by David Gogo, 2016 Juno Award nominee and 2017 Maple Blues Guitarist of the Year. Gogo's groove-fueled blend of blues and rock is the basis for a singular and storied music career. His songs have been featured in film and television and are regularly played on blues radio programs the world over.

Between gigs, sample the lusciously off-dry Lake Breeze ‘The Spice Jar’ (9472) $19.10 from Naramata in the Okanagan Valley is a blend of 45 per cent Gewürztraminer, 30 per cent Ehrenfelser, 15 per cent Schönberger and 10 per cent Viognier. There’s a medley of apple, pear, mango and pineapple flavours in this marvellously soft white wine.

The ticket price of $55 – available at the Tidemark Theatre in Campbell River - also includes attendance at wine pairing seminars, samplings of specialty wines, door prize and a silent auction and – of course! – free taxi service home within the Campbell River area after the event.

Start tasting reds with Cabriz Colheita Seleccionada (623918) $15.99 from Portugal. This well-structured, muscular red adds a sprinkling of peppery spice to the wild plum and dried raspberry flavors.  Notes of beef and earth mark the finish.

This year’s wine representatives include: Mark Anthony Brands, Peacock & Martin, Storied Wines & Spirits, Lone Tree Cellars, 40 Knots Estate Winery, Blue Grouse, Stag’s Hollow, Red Dog Wine & Spirits, The Wine List, Phillipe Dandurand Wines, and Northern Lights Estate Winery from Prince George. Each representative selects a cross section of wines for tasting, often featuring a new or unique selection to be sampled.

Keep a record of your favorite wines rather than trying to quaff down more of them. If you find a wine you really like, write it down and stick the information in your pocket. A quick pic on your cell phone is an excellent way to truly capture you’re favourites if you plan to buy them later to enjoy in the comfort and safety of your home.

Track down a sample of Dirty Laundry’s ‘Dangerous Liasons’ (373621) $19.99 for a real Okanagan treat.  An inventive blend of Merlot, Malbec and Syrah it oozes black cherry, blackberry and plum aromas and flavours. Soft ripe tannins keep it smooth and sassy with a silky finish.

And don’t be surprised if you discover a couple of BC’s finest craft breweries offering samples of their best brews, too!  Hoyne? Phillips? Russell? Maybe even our own local Beach Fire Brewing!

Regardless of your intentions, when you’re sampling even a small fraction of the many wines that will be available for you pleasure and enlightenment, you’ll start to get a little light-headed. Drink lots of water before you go and keep sipping as you work your way through the evening. You’ll feel better for it in the morning!​

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