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 10 wines under $10

Is your wine buying budget still suffering from the seasonal excesses of December and the bills that kept coming in through January?  Give yourself a break with these deliciously drinkable wines – all priced under $10 before tax and deposit!

Unlike Chile, Argentina, South Africa or Spain, British Columbia has no regions with endless acres of vineyards.  Our local wine grape growers are faced with pockets of suitable sites scattered through the interior valleys, the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island.

To compete with international wines, our largest wineries import bulk wines from around the world and finishi them here in their own winery facilities.  Often referred to as CIC - Cellared in Canada - these affordable wines are generally multinational blends of locally grown wines with base wines from Australia, Argentina, South Africa or even the Central Valley of California.

Painted Turtle - from the multifaceted Artisan Wine Co. – is a broad range of affordable white, rosé and red wines. Occasionally they go beyond affordable to downright inexpensive.

Available at select private stores, Painted Turtle Chardonnay (183772) $7.16 is an easy drinking, mellow white that features aromas and flavours of green apple, pear and pineapple.  The matching red Painted Turtle Merlot (214692) $7.16 is full of dusky plum and cherry, berry notes. 

IGT is Italian for “Indicazione Geografica Tipica” and roughly translates as “the kind of wine we usually make in these parts” – but doesn’t it seem official and somehow reassuring? Benvenuto Barbera di Beneventano IGT (34173) $7.99 has earthy plum and liquorice undertones supporting ripe dark cherries in a straightforward, light-bodied dinner-table style.

Kendermanns is the dynamic German wine brand offering a wide range of outstanding affordable wines. Kendermanns Classic Riesling (753392) $7.99 typifies this style and is produced in the Pfalz - one of Germany’s warmest

wine-producing regions.  Like any ripe Riesling, fresh peach and ripe apricot aromas and flavours ride a base of bright green apple acidity, keeping it feisty and fresh rather than fat and flabby.

Santa Cruz de Mudela is a municipality of the Spanish province Ciudad Real in the southeastern corner of Castile-La Mancha.  Masia F Vino Tinta (446963) $8.90 is made from 100 per cent Tempranillo wine grapes grown in Ciudad Real.  There’s a lot of dark cherry and ripe strawberry aromas and flavours in this traditionally earthy, peppery spiced red.

Concha Y Toro is a multilayered and many labelled Chilean wine conglomerate.  Their Frontera brand is hoping to crack the lucrative millennial market with the launch of a new ‘After Dark’ range, tailoring its labels to suit this demographic’s tastes.

Frontera’s Moonlight White (248039) $9.99 is an off-dry white wine made from Moscato grapes, with a splash of other white grapes for balance. Aromas of fresh sliced apples lead into floral notes and hints of honey.  Apple pie and honeyed melon flavours fill its flavour spectrum.

Night harvested like the white, the matching Frontera After Midnight (366229) $9.99 is a red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, with a dash of Merlot. Aromas and flavours of cherries, blackcurrant and subtle hints of mint and cedar tease the nose and taste buds.

A ceremony of the Inca Empire in honor of their Sun God, the Inti Raymi was the traditional celebration of Winter Solstice and the Inca New Year in the Andes of South America.  Raymi is still celebrated today on June 24th of every year, attracting thousands of tourists and locals.

From Chile’s Vina Carmen, Raymi Sauvignon Blanc (271791) $9.99 is a zippy, zesty white that overflows with aromas and flavours of lemon rind, grapefruit and fresh and fruity peaches.  Just as affordable Raymi Cabernet Sauvignon (255687) $9.99 offers up classic notes of dark plums and black 

cherries with subtle notes of sage and white pepper in the finish.

Not to be left out of the under $10 category, the latest amazingly tasty and affordable arrival from the Okanagan Valley is Big Bucks Reserve White (561274) $9.99.  It it sings with all the bright gooseberry and kiwi fruit we expect from Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand without that herbaceous, almost grassy, undercurrent.

When you need a break from paying bills or just a sip or two of wine to make the whole process more bearable, pick up one of these wonderfully affordable wines!

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